fan coil RETROFIT 

Vertical fan coil units (VFC) provide high-rise residents with heating, cooling and ventilation. Fan coil units are built into the original building construction inside a cabinet located behind your wall.

A retrofit unit is designed to replace your unit with out having to remove the cabinet. The unit slides into the existing cabinet and eliminates damaging drywall and the surrounding area in a suite. Reducing costs and installation time – the entire process is completed in a day.

By completely replacing outdated parts found in your older units, not only will it improve efficiency but provide better indoor air quality.

Homeowner Benefits

  • No need to repair drywall, paint, etc.

  • 1 day installation minimize any disruption

  • More efficient HVAC operation with much greater heating and cooling capacity

  • Increased air quality

  • Precise control of fan and heating/cooling settings.

  • No need to replace existing access panel or grills


  • High-efficiency ECM motors significantly reduce electrical consumption (Measured up to 80%)

  • Up-to-date electronics, new efficient coils and blower assembly greatly enhance heating and cooling capacity

  • Designed to fit through the existing opening with no need for wall repairs

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Flood sensors and alarm to aid in preventing water damage.


  • 350, 450 and 600 CFM model

  • 800 and 1000 CFM model

Optional Equipment

  • Replacement digital thermostat

  • Replacement access panel

  • Replacement supply grilles

Installation PRocess

1.  Access the fan coil unit & prepare suite for project. (protect suite and contents with drop cloths and plastic sheeting)
2.  Remove the access panel and grills
3.  Remove all components from existing fan coil unit
4.  Remove insulation & clean wall cavity
5.  Re-insulate the cabinet with new insulation
6.  Insert the retrofit fan coil unit & and make all connections
7.  Replace the access panel
8.  Clean up area and provide tutorial on your brand new fan coil unit!

retro process.png

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