fancoil filter

What should I be doing to maintain my Fan Coil filter?

This seems to be a question that isn’t asked often enough! Many buildings provide a semiannual “fan coil maintenance” and most assume this is all that is required.

These programs are not designed to maintain your filter quality but are to prevent flooding from clogged drains and provide a report on unit condition for repairs.

Depending on your lifestyle, number of occupants/pets, and whether your building is near a construction site or located in an area with heavy air pollution (major roadways), the frequency of replacement can vary.

As a general rule, you should replace your air filters every 30 to 60 days.Below are some suggestions in consideration of other factors

·         Low occupancy without pets – change every 90 days.

·         Pet(s), large potted plants – change every 45-60 days.

·         Multiple pet or occupant with allergies – change every 20-40 days.

Maintaining your filter provides many benefits

·         Prolongs life of your HVAC system

·         Promotes efficient operation of your system

·         Improves air quality

Filters should be the same type and size as those provided from or recommended by the factory.

JPS Canada carries all factory recommended sizes and styles of filters for all models.

You can visit us at our store or call 1-844-JPS-CANADA

Below is a link for an instructional video provided by Del Management.