Welcome to Condo Corner

I started servicing high rise HVAC systems about 15yrs ago. I began on my own with Fan Coil Maintenance then applied my training to begin offering Fan Coil Repairs. Over the years the one issue I’ve had is the lack of resources residents and management have in regards to their HVAC units and the building systems associated with them. Most residents don’t even know if they own the equipment or where it is located! Asked if they understand what a Fan Coil is? and its returned with a blank stare. This isn’t their fault! That is why I felt the need to start this blog, we will be discussing operation, maintenance, new products and services related to condo HVAC systems.

The goal is to educate residents and management so they can feel confident in dealing with issues as they arise and protect themselves from unneeded expenses.

For a start please check out our EDUCATION and MOLD REMEDIATION pages


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